Paypal for cerowrt subscriptions and donations

Accepting donations again for cerowrt (I hope)
Added by Dave Täht over 3 years ago

I've been working fixing bufferbloat now for a really long time, and of late it's been really difficult to keep the lights on and the servers fed. Last month I'd hit bottom, this month is worse. I put up a donations page, and got a totally wonderful level of response - enough to make rent! Then I tripped over an obscure portion of the Amazon EULA, and ended up refunding everyone's money and cancelling your subscriptions.

So, I've put up a new subscribe/donations page for the cerowrt portion of the project, using paypal at:

I won't jimmy wales you'all on further solicitations like this. (I know, that's what I said last month)

But a little more help in getting over this hump would be very nice to have.