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What a month!!! We've got kernel patches, AQMS, a ton of discussion on the mailing list...
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(and it isn't over yet)

Since John Carmack was just kind enough to tweet about us, I thought I'd put up the latest news as fast as I could:

What is bufferbloat, anyway?

For indepth background on bufferbloat, see and hear these slides and brief audio

Bufferbloat is a major problem in all the new kit coming out this year - cable modems and 802.11n routers especially. Latencies get so high as to make fragging frickin impossible.

There is some gamer specific discussion in the above link, as well as elsewhere on Jim Gettys' blog

For the current status of our increasingly world wide efforts - see the mailing list archives:

general bufferbloat discussion

bufferbloat development discussion

Multiple new algorithms are being both discussed as well as tested. A Linux kernel repository just went up at:

there are now 131 people on the mailing list, and 19 people and one robot regularly in the #bufferbloat channel on irc.

While bufferbloat is not a Linux-specific problem, we're the first community out the gate with solutions and patches. We are actively looking for iphone, ipad, and android users to test some basic assumptions regarding ECN. (if you are on an iphone, and having trouble accessing this site or this mp3 , please let us know!)

Brian Proffitt just wrote a good intro to the latency under load problem

And there are tons of research papers, tools and Linux Tips linked to off of our wiki.

the mailing list and site have been up for less than a month.

Please join us and help beat the bloat!