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12:28 am Cerowrt Bug #406: quagga does not propagate default 6to4 route
Setting the radvd adv subnet with leading zeros is deliberate and not a bug.
Thats a special feature of radvd, it wil...


12:01 pm Cerowrt Bug #253: Cannot edit a Firewall rule listing multiple ports in the LuCI gui
Syncing luci-app-firewall with the current firewall v2r27 features is on my ToDo but I need to get backfire done first.
08:29 am Cerowrt Feature #298: Need build file name in the status page.
I suggest to embed an /etc/openwrt_release with DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="whatever should appear on the status page"


11:29 am Cerowrt Bug #95: Need a time based firewall module, preferably with a gui interface.
There's another prerequisite for this, we need some code that aligns the in-kernel timezone with whatever is configur...


05:44 am Cerowrt Bug #186: wndr3700 eth0 cannot be configured as a distinct ethernet port
This is a possible fix for the duplicate MAC address issue, the same trick is already applied to the Routerstation bo...

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