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01:50 pm Cerowrt Bug #238: Multiple named processes running
Hash: SHA1
Why not fix NTP to start with?
ntpd does not actually start running, ...


08:26 pm Cerowrt Bug #251: proto 'gre' would be nice to have in uci and luci


10:54 pm Cerowrt Feature #175: Security (DNSsec) could be used to verify package updates
Just because the domain name to IP address mapping is secure, that does not mean the TCP connection will not be trapp...
10:48 pm Cerowrt Feature #248: Failure to meet expectations
One number I can report, but it is not especially useful...
After switching away from the Xen-hosted NetBSD router...
08:02 pm Cerowrt Feature #248: Failure to meet expectations
If you tell me what I should be testing and what indicates success/failure, I'll be happy to report.
>I don't even k...
07:24 pm Cerowrt Bug #231: Identically configured wireless does not hand out DHCP leases
I just had this happen again. I set one interface to "none" protocol (rather than the default of static) and it chan...
05:58 pm Cerowrt Feature #248: Failure to meet expectations
Wonderful topics.
Perhaps it would be good to finish the docs, so one can understand how this new-to-me mesh netwo...
05:50 pm Cerowrt Bug #235 (Closed): switching between wireless interfaces makes ipv4 "vanish" several times
I think this is related to the dhcp problem I had before, so I'm closing this.
05:49 pm Cerowrt Bug #233: BIND 9 behaves REALLY REALLY badly when in a walled garden
I didn't intend to test it in a hotel, but it was where I was living while in California last week. :)
I'd ask Ev...
05:48 pm Cerowrt Bug #237: bridging wired and wireless
IPv6 works perfectly, but I am using an HE tunnel.
As for stability, well, most of the bug reports are for things ...

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