Gregory P Smith

  • Expertise: Software, Networking & Linux
  • IRC Nick: gps
  • Registered on: 08/27/2011
  • Last connection: 08/27/2011


  • Bloat (Developer, 08/29/2011)
  • Cerowrt (Developer, 08/29/2011)
  • codel (Developer, 06/07/2012)


Reported issues: 2


12:04 am Cerowrt Bug #254 (Closed): Changing wifi network ESSID via the GUI does not take effect after save+apply
The /etc/config/wireless file is updated correctly but the actual ESSIDs being used by the live wifi interfaces are n...


02:45 pm Cerowrt Bug #253 (New): Cannot edit a Firewall rule listing multiple ports in the LuCI gui
Trying to edit a firewall rule in the LuCI gui such as one of the defaults with a Destination of "Device:

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