Petri Rosenström

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05:37 am Cerowrt Wiki edit: Default_network_numbering (#10)
05:36 am Cerowrt Wiki edit: Changing_your_cerowrt_ip_addresses (#5)
05:35 am Cerowrt Wiki edit: Default_network_numbering (#9)


09:53 am Cerowrt Feature #300: wpad might be useful
I played around with this for a while and noticed that by putting wpad.dat to /etc/www on the router and setting a di...
09:53 am Cerowrt 1.00 hour (Feature #300 (New): wpad might be useful)


06:01 am Cerowrt Bug #291: WNDR3800 looks like an WNDR3700v2
My patch broke the sysupgrade. It tried to check for something that didn't exist. I fixed my patch so sysupgrade work...
06:01 am Cerowrt 0.50 hour (Bug #291 (Closed): WNDR3800 looks like an WNDR3700v2)
Fix sysupgrade for wndr3800_name.patch


01:57 am Cerowrt Feature #294 (Closed): Add configurations for WNDR3800
Dave said "Explicitly identifing a wndr3800 as a wndr3800 will need a /etc/defconfig/ set of files created."
01:21 am Cerowrt Feature #293 (Closed): Support for WNDR3800
CeroWRT could support the WNDR3800. This is a feature request that helps us to figure out what else needs to be done ...


10:20 pm Cerowrt Bug #291: WNDR3800 looks like an WNDR3700v2
If we want to we could fix this. I found a way to do it. Tested it and works. With the patch everything looks like it...

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