• Bloat
    A place for people to work together on the buffer bloat problem, as we pull together both the scope of the problem and how to mitigate and solve bufferbloat.
    • Cerowrt

      July 2014 - CeroWrt Triumphs over Bufferbloat!

      Bufferbloat is the undesirable latency that comes from a router or other network equipment buffering too much data.

      The CeroWrt project was created to resolve the endemic problems of bufferbloat in home networking today, and to push forward the state of the art of edge networks and routers. Projects include proper IPv6 support, tighter integration with DNSSEC, and most importantly, reducing bufferbloat in both the wired and wireless components of the stack....

    • codel

      September 2104 - CoDel and fq_codel

      CoDel (pronounced "coddle", and standing for "Controlled Delay") is a new no-knobs Active Queue Management algorithm designed by Kathleen Nichols of Pollere and Van Jacobson . It addresses the bufferbloat problem in many forms of network gear, from routers to DSLAMs to servers to wireless....

    • Make Wi-Fi Fast

      July 2015 - Make Wi-Fi Fast Project

      See the Make Wi-Fi Fast Wiki for more details.

      Billions now use wifi every day. Yet, as it has evolved, with more and more users sharing the same airspace, it has become ever more unreliable and difficult to use. There is some serious engineering work that can be done to make it better, and a need for more general knowledge on how to set it up right. ...

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