Bufferbloat.net - the first 16 days

Posted on Feb 12, 2011 by Dave Täht.

A summary of goings on at Bufferbloat.net since the launch

Jim Gettys’ presentation on Bufferbloat and the audio recording got a LOT of hits (collating the data will take some time, sorry)
83 people joined the bloat mailing list
19 people joined the bloat-devel mailing list
24 registrations on the bufferbloat project web site
8 people regularly in the #bufferbloat irc channel on chat.freenode.net

I’m really delighted to see everyone so concerned about Bufferbloat and so willing to help out!

In the next 15 days I hope we start to get some patches out the door, and unify several separate lines of development, improve the wiki, and continue to recruit to more people with perspectives and understandings of the problem.

Principal threads of conversation so far this month:

Shifting the Market - How to get the word out? (#33)
SFB - Discussion of the features of Stochastic fair blue queuing, with Juliusz Chroboczek , the author of the SFB patch for the Linux kernel
The dangers of AQM - a cautionary note about Active Queue Management, by Kathie Nichols and Van Jacobson
Bufferbloat and You - a draft contributed by Eric Raymond, Much discussion as to good analogies for how the Internet really works ensued
About LEDBAT, µTP and BitTorrent - an exploration of the issues and advantages of bittorrent
TCP Vegas vs Cubic - Some Experiment_-_TCP_cubic_vs_TCP_vegas|puzzling data about TCP vegas with current hardware
The wireless problem in a nutshell The unique problems 802.11 introduces for TCP/ip (related: Wireless multiqueue behavior )

Richard Pitt “Bufferbloat and your ISP’s problem”:http://digital-rag.com/article.php/Buffer-Bloat-Packet-Loss “Joe Brockmeier”:http://www.networkworld.com/community/zonker “The fight against Bufferbloat”:http://www.networkworld.com/community/fight-against-bufferbloat Jim Gettys, Dave Täht “Bufferbloat and VOIP podcast”:http://www.voipusersconference.org/2011/bufferbloat/ Jim Gettys “A call for help with Bufferbloat animations”:http://gettys.wordpress.com/2011/02/04/animation-to-show-bufferbloat-badly-needed/

Progress on the wiki and infrastructure

John Linville signed up as a source code maintainer - Richard Scheffenegger put up a simple NS2 animation of bufferbloat. - Richard Pitt started a glossary - Don Marti contributed some Linux Tips - Eric Raymond & Dave Täht are working on an introduction and site overview - links to various important papers have been collected - and numerous bits and pieces of the overall picture have been filled in from Jim Gettys’ extensive blog postings. More definitions, contributions, and organization are direly needed, but the overall picture is taking shape. The index has various bits of good info in various states of completion, and there’s also an outline of some of what remains to be done.

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