VOIP concall w/Freeswitch folk recording now available

Posted on Mar 10, 2011 by Dave Täht.

I’ve put a fairly large (and yet still incomplete) summary of the voip conference call with the freeswitch folk up at:


The call went on for over 2 hours as we discussed all aspects of bufferbloat as it applies to telephony. The call was recorded, and here is a link to the recording:


If you have a listen, and hear something interesting that I did not document, please update the wiki page!

Some interesting tidbits:

  • Some freeswitch users are using TCP Vegas for their servers due to the
    latency sensitivity of that form of TCP and their need to prioritize
    RTP traffic
  • getting time right on various virtual server technologies is doable, but hard
  • freeswitch handled 32+ people in the conference using a variety of
    dial-in technologies really well.
  • Their wiki was very wrong on recomendations for voip servers (corrected)

I’m thinking that doing a weekly conference call among ourselves here might be useful. Thoughts?

Again, way more detail on the call is at:


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