Bug #118

SFB requires a new iproute2

Added by Dave Täht on May 7, 2011. Updated on Mar 27, 2013.
Closed Normal Jim Gettys


While you can use SFB without a newer tc, it helps to control it better if you have a new tc.

The tc utility is heavily dependended on by other tools, so instead of using a separate feed for it, we need to patch openwt.


Updated by Dave Täht on Jul 10, 2011.
the new iproute2 is in cerowrt. Seems to work.

Needs to get pushed back into openwrt, after a few days of testing.

Updated by Dave Täht on Jul 27, 2011.
Updated by Dave Täht on Aug 3, 2011.
Needs to be thoroughly tested in the testplan.
Updated by 夕 颜 on Mar 27, 2013.
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