Bug #199

A bunch of baby GUI bugs/features

Added by Dave Täht on Jun 16, 2011. Updated on Jul 10, 2011.
Closed Normal Jo-Philipp Wich


1) luci-app-ntpc - seems to pull in ntpclient. Or something else is.

ntpclient is obsolete as
ntpd -g from either the ntpd or ntpd-ssl package will do the right thing,
even more so than ntpdate.

It would be nice to be able to edit ntp.conf from the gui, instead.

2) PPOE is borked in the gui, if you add ppoe later, you get luci crashing because there
is no ppp tab. (probably my bug, I just needed to build ppoe and a luci for ppoe in)

3) It would be more consistent to use whatever/24 to denote the ipv4 routes in system->routes,
as that is how ipv6 shows up, and you save a column.

re ipv6: You can safely filter out the fe80:: routes to reduce the noise level

Protocol to show up in that column would be good, instead.

/etc/iproute2/rt_proto could list babel support (42), and a larger list of
real protocols, to get automatic number->reality translation

/etc/iproute2/* consists of several rather tiny files that are nice to have.
I hope whenever the latest iproute shows up we can include them.

I’ll gladly file these separately elsewhere, just wanted to capture then before I went to bed.


Updated by Dave Täht on Jun 17, 2011.
OK, the ppoe bug WAS mine, and it will be fixed in the next build
Updated by Dave Täht on Jul 10, 2011.
ntpclient still exists, it’s small, closing this bug. Thx jo-philipp

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