Bug #202

STA mode is broken

Added by Dave Täht on Jul 10, 2011. Updated on Aug 3, 2011.
Closed Urgent David Taht


Configuring for sta mode does not appear to work


Updated by Dave Täht on Jul 14, 2011.
Updated by Luis Rodriguez on Aug 1, 2011.
The description is pretty vague.
Updated by Dave Täht on Aug 1, 2011.
Thanks for checking it out luis!

I tried to get STA mode to work from the gui, and it failed to connect to anything or get a dhcp address. I have not had time to look at it further, if you or someone else can, I’d appreciate it.

Updated by Dave Täht on Aug 3, 2011.
Mostly pilot error - I’d not managed to get nat working, and the DHCP assigned address wouldn’t let any packets through, thus making named not work at all AND regect what it got back as invalid….

Of course, trying to make this work, out of a hotel, is a PITA. It’s sad that everyone feels you must submit to a legal agreement before using their net.

This bug entry CLOSED via a natted - 2 router - to hotel gw over wireless.

Had to disable named to do it, but…

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