Bug #207

Polipo does not listen on localhost with its own internal resolver

Added by Nick Feamster on Jul 14, 2011. Updated on Apr 21, 2012.
In Progress High Stephen Woodrow


When polipo is configured (/etc/config/polipo) with:

config 'polipo' 'general'
    option 'dnsUseGethostbyname' 'false'
    option 'dnsNameServer' ''

it appears that DNS does not work for polipo. We’re using BIND9 running natively on the devices. However, configured as follows:

config 'polipo' 'general'
    option 'dnsUseGethostbyname' 'true'
    option 'dnsNameServer' ''

DNS does work, however it is slow because this is single-threaded.

We have also tried binding directly to ::1 which appears to have worked once or twice but not consistently. We have also tried binding to the interface address which seems to work with option 'dnsUseGethostbyname' 'true'.


Updated by Dave Täht on Jul 16, 2011.
I have polipo now using gethostbyname in the rc1 candidate. It would be good to make this work right in the next release candidate however, and do some automated testing of both polipo and its caching system, with a usb stick as well as a usb hard disk.
Updated by Dave Täht on Jul 27, 2011.
Updated by Dave Täht on Jul 31, 2011.
I switched it back to normal - and on my version of rc4, it worked.
Updated by Dave Täht on Aug 11, 2011.
I’m going to write this one off as a problem elsewhere in the system.

Can’t duplicate. Reverted back to the old dns method.

Updated by Dave Täht on Sep 17, 2011.
I can now consistently get polipo to fail with it’s internal resolver.
Updated by Dave Täht on Apr 21, 2012.
HAve no idea if this still occurs. We are using polipo 1.5 now in cerowrt.

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