Bug #238

Multiple named processes running

Added by Michael Graff on Aug 22, 2011. Updated on Apr 21, 2012.
Closed Urgent Michael Graff


When fiddling around in the UI, I have had up to 6 different named processes running. I don’t know how or why… In general, this happens mostly when futzing with interfaces a lot. A very lot.


Updated by Dave Täht on Aug 22, 2011.
hmm. This is bad. xinetd is only supposed to be able to spawn 1. Period.

Something else may be firing up named.

Updated by Dave Täht on Aug 22, 2011.
Updated by Michael Graff on Aug 22, 2011.
A coworker who you loaned a 3700 to also experienced this. We spotted two running on his box while debugging my insane DHCP issues.

I also notice something is checking the local time using ntpdc, which fails as ntpd isn’t running it seems, but something similar. Is it possible this script is restarting named?

Updated by Dave Täht on Aug 26, 2011.
the xinetd.d/named file needed a instances = 1 line to enforce the window where named hadn’t fully started yet.

Or so I hope. Fixed in rc6, will test further then. in the meantime, you can add instances = 1 to your /etc/xined.d/named file and see if the problem recurs. thx for spotting this!

Updated by Dave Täht on Sep 4, 2011.
I have not seen multiple nameds ever runnig with the rc6-smoketest. Please reopen bug if it recurs.
Updated by Dave Täht on Sep 9, 2011.
I managed to have 6 named processes running today in testing, even with xinetd instances=1. Not good. Box ran out of ram and stopped taking connections.

The right answer is to fix ntp for dnssec, period, and move that version of ntp into the ceropackages github repo.

Which requires braincells I do not have at present. I haven’t even got so far as to make it work on x86. when I poked into the guts of ntp it was not obvious - or possible - to separate out ntp -g processig from normal processing, easily.

Updated by Michael Graff on Sep 12, 2011.
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Why not fix NTP to start with?

ntpd does not actually start running, and the bind 9 monitoring script
to enable dnssec seems to be using ntpdc to poll.

I think there is another ntp process that uses port 123, and killing
that off allows ntpd to start.

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Updated by Dave Täht on Sep 12, 2011.
yes, ntpdate getting spawned somehow is part of the problem. I am ripping that out entirely.

I should have fixed ntp in the first place, but this bug was long before I had a deep understanding of the right calls to make, and even then, I’d rather someone with a deep understanding of ntp and dnssec to tackle that, rather than me… if it was easy, I’d have done it….

Updated by Dave Täht on Sep 17, 2011.
This is fixed in rc6, or so I think. luci was firing up ntpdate, blocking ntp and ntpc entirely.
Updated by Dave Täht on Sep 17, 2011.
that said, I have no idea how named could get fired up multiple times from xinetd.
Updated by Dave Täht on Apr 21, 2012.
I have not seen this bug in ages. Please test with the current build (3.3.2-8 or later) and let me know.


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