Bug #268

polipo's internal resolver seems busted in rc6

Added by Dave Täht on Sep 15, 2011. Updated on Nov 18, 2011.
New Normal Dave Täht


I have tried to convince polipo to work. It has worked only sporadically for
months now, To try and nail the issue, I configured it to try to talk to, ::1, and an external dns resolver to equal ill effect.

All dns lookups fail when dnsgethostbyname = false.

### SECTION daemon
pidFile = “/var/run/polipo.pid”
daemonise = true

### SECTION general
dnsNameServer = “”
proxyAddress = “::”
chunkHighMark = 10485760
dnsUseGethostbyname = false
logSyslog = true
allowedClients = “”, “”

### SECTION cache
cacheIsShared = true

### SECTION pmm

diskCacheRoot = “”
logFile = “”
Host gw.home.lan lookup failed: Timeout (131072).


Updated by Dave Täht on Sep 15, 2011.
configuring it to use usegethostbyname=true works consistently with local, remote, and ipv6 resolvers.
Updated by Dave Täht on Nov 18, 2011.
I have debated about updating polipo as the current version is quite ancient.

That said, after doing so, would require a round of testing, against ipv6, ivp4, the two different resovlvers, and I wouldn’t mind if we threw in some dscp prioritization in there as well.

Updated by Jim Gettys on Nov 18, 2011.

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