Bug #270

CeroWrt should warn users when it is meshed rather than wired or WDS'ed.

Added by Jim Gettys on Sep 16, 2011. Updated on Apr 21, 2012.
New High Dave Täht


Right now, CeroWrt may, if it has no wired network connection, mesh automatically with other routers.

The router should warn in some visible (but not too obnoxious way) if it is running in this mode: e.g.
a blinking light, and maybe a highlighted text on the status page.

Running meshed if you don’t have wired around is fine, but people should be more easily aware of a router that “just does it right” as CeroWrt does.


Updated by Dave Täht on Sep 16, 2011.
Well, it doesn’t ‘quite’ do it just right. You need to setup at least one AHCP server node somewhere on the network to supply leases, ntp, and dns information.

That said, some indicator would be useful in some way.

Updated by Jim Gettys on Sep 19, 2011.
Updated by Dave Täht on Nov 18, 2011.
I added support for additional user to kernel space led controls in the rc8 build. How to use them… dunno. Yet.
Updated by Dave Täht on Apr 21, 2012.

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