Bug #273

Is 6rd still usable?

Added by Jim Gettys on Sep 20, 2011. Updated on Jul 12, 2012.
New Immediate Dave Täht


We haven’t tested 6rd for a while, and given Comcast not going forward with 6rd, aren’t in a good place to test it. We never did have a UI for Comcast’s temporary configuration, either. 6to4, on the other hand, works like a champ on Comcast right now.

If the patches have been lost, please let us know. Even better, help test 6rd on an ongoing basis.


Updated by Dave Täht on Sep 20, 2011.
6RD IS built as part of the sit kernel module, and thus, available by default.


HOWEVER - comcast had required a tiny patch (buried in a gigabyte svn dump) to do something or other, and also sort of
had an openwrt script that went with that. So that code’s out there. What’s required in places like France,
remains unknown.

I’ll be in a pretty good place to test it in about 24 hours.

Updated by Jim Gettys on Sep 20, 2011.
Probably you won’t need much of anything.

The Comcast mod was a hack so they didn’t have to deploy an updated DHCP server to hand out the addresses. That would have cost them 6 months or more in starting their 6rd trial. And since that trial is mercifully over, ditching any dregs of it and having a blog standard 6rd implementation is the “right thing” to do.

Updated by Dave Täht on Nov 18, 2011.
I had hoped to try this directly against freewifi, but they all use specialized hardware.

So I give up.

Updated by Dave Täht on Nov 18, 2011.
Updated by Dave Täht on Jul 12, 2012.
I can resolve this issue in france next week. If I remember.

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