Bug #281

Bind configuration needs Lucification.

Added by Jim Gettys on Sep 27, 2011. Updated on Nov 18, 2011.
New High Jim Gettys


Right now, entering, for example, upstream name servers into the Luci page for configuration doesn’t work. This gets people both in corporate environments (since the local name servers may show domains not publicly available), and for configuring things
like Comcast’s nice DNSSEC capable name servers.

So we need to get bind properly integrated into the UI.

As far as exactly what to do for this particular problem, this captures a quick conversation:

 uncomment named.conf's forwarders line
 edit /etc/bind/conf/forwarders.conf
 to point at those
 have a script rewrite them if needed
 ok; seems like a plan.


Updated by Jim Gettys on Nov 18, 2011.

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