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Build ceroWRT

Added by Marc Franco on Sep 30, 2011. Updated on Mar 26, 2012.
In Progress Normal Jim Gettys


Hi all!

I try to build cerowrt with script “build_cero.sh init” but this script give me an error:

Resolving deltas: 100% (12701270), done.
Initialized empty Git repository in /home/marc/cerofiles/src/cerowrt/.git/
warning: remote HEAD refers to nonexistent ref, unable to checkout.

Building sub-repositories
./build_cero.sh: line 47: ./scripts/env: No such file or directory
./build_cero.sh: line 48: cd: env: No such file or directory
fatal: Couldn’t find remote ref master
./build_cero.sh: line 51: cd: /root/src/cerowrt/files: No such file or directory
cat: /root/src/cerowrt/env/dirs.list: No such file or directory
mkdir: missing operand
Try `mkdir –help’ for more information.
feeds.conf hates ~ syntax
cat: env/feeds.remote.conf: No such file or directory
updating feeds
./build_cero.sh: line 63: ./scripts/feeds: No such file or directory
cat: env/packages.list: No such file or directory
./build_cero.sh: line 64: ./scripts/feeds: No such file or directory
cp: cannot stat `.config’: No such file or directory
make: ***** No rule to make target `defconfig’. Stop.
cat: .config: No such file or directory
cat: config.orig: No such file or directory

I don’t know if this is the correct site to post my problem..



Updated by Dave Täht on Sep 30, 2011.
The current version of cerowrt is not independently buildable with that script.

I will be producing an improved version and separate patches in the rc7-smoketest
series. Sorry, but due to the chaos in the linux kernel.org process and my own
pending vacation, and recent travel to france, things got disorganized….

Please come see me (today) and I can get you a working build in about 10 minutes
that doesn’t use that script.

Updated by Marc Franco on Sep 30, 2011.
Many many thanks Dave! Im new in cerowrt but I think thats is very interesting![]()
In script is >> git://huchra.bufferbloat.net/git/cerofiles.git that not work..

I waiting for rc7. I try to build system for routerboard.


Updated by Dave Täht on Oct 3, 2011.
At present cerowrt is VERY specific to the wndr3700v2, specifically the atheros (ath9k) chipset . I do hope that with some minor effort it can be ported to the routerstation – but I don’t know what’s in the routerboard?

Most of the core changes to the drivers and underlying architecture are pushed up into openwrt. A description of what’s different about cerowrt in general is in the release notes for rc6.


Updated by Marc Franco on Oct 4, 2011.

Routerboard contains:
CPU: Atheros AR7161
wireless radio can be any ath9k chipset.

But I can try to build because is not working for me.

Thanks for all information Dave!

Updated by Dave Täht on Oct 6, 2011.
I have revised the build instructions to have a note regarding the kernel.org problem and a workaround, AND have hopefully fixed the script to be more general.


I do not garuntee anything at this point… but give this a shot.

Updated by Dave Täht on Oct 6, 2011.
Meh. There are still a few problems left. I need to push things up and solve #113 somehow.

But the above should get you started.

Updated by Petri Rosenström on Oct 27, 2011.
I updated the wiki page and tested the instructions with a fresh ubuntu install that it should work.


Updated by Dave Täht on Oct 28, 2011.
It would be good to have a 3rd person duplicate the procedure before we can call it ‘baked’. Jim?

Also I suppose we are getting close to being able to build a vm…

and I have to update that build script to let people build from a tagged release.

Updated by Jim Gettys on Nov 18, 2011.
Lots of time has already been spent by Dave
Updated by Ketan Kulkarni on Mar 26, 2012.
I could build cerowrt-3.3 from the steps mentioned at

There are slight changes required in the build_cero.sh, cero_config and instructions.
The required diffs are attached.

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