Bug #303

Samba badly needs updating....

Added by Jim Gettys on Nov 18, 2011. Updated on Apr 21, 2012.
Closed Normal Dave Täht


The samba in OpenWrt is antique and unmaintained.

Since we likely need it to help bridge between multiple sub-networks for Windows clients, this is bad… And doesn’t support modern authentication methods for window.


Updated by Dave Täht on Nov 28, 2011.
The latest versions of samba are at 3.61, and the resulting software
per-requisites and binaries are huge.

What can be stripped out remains to
be seen.

There was a great deal of churn in the samba 3.0.X package of late,
which just stabilized, but I’m unsure if that will help any.

All we need is working wins support but whether that can be made to
work with the most current windows remains to be seen.

Updated by Dave Täht on Nov 29, 2011.
This work on 3.6 and the ongoing work on the 3.0 release are very encouraging.


Updated by Dave Täht on Dec 5, 2011.
I have folded the latest work from the openwrt universe into the ceropackages repository.
Updated by Dave Täht on Dec 19, 2011.
I have stuck this version into cerowrt by default and updated luci to be able to use it.

As for this being a correct configuration - no, needs work.

Updated by Dave Täht on Apr 21, 2012.
samba 364 is in the current releases.

smbpasswd will crash if you don’t have an equivalent user in /etc/passwd, but that’s about it. Well, wins needs to be enabled.

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