Bug #319

Dave needs to get better at pushing out patches

Added by David Taht on Dec 8, 2011. Updated on Jul 12, 2012.
Closed Normal Dave Täht


The overhead of formatting a patch properly is trivial.

Getting a patch set into thunderbird or the web so totally dwarfs the
tedium of actually creating the patch, it’s unbelievable.

I have a string of mostly trivial patches I could have got out ages
ago with git send-email. I could slam out patches every day that way
and be a zillion times more effective coding-wise.

All year I have tried to get to where I could send email effectively
from the command line on my laptop or wherever, and today’s email
server setups have become so complex that I have completely failed to
find a way to so. (I note that I am frequently offline and need to be
able to do it from my main development box, my laptop, and I have been
highly mobile of late)

I recently spent most of a day trying to get bufferbloat.net’s email
server to take email from me, using sasl, or certs, and failed

I’ve been running my own email servers for 3 decades now, It’s both
embarrassing to me and unbelievable how difficult it’s become to use
such a basic transport.

And I USED to read my email with emacs. I liked it. I was FAR more
productive switching from code to irc to email to patches and back
when I didn’t have to run tools like a browser and thunderbird all the


Updated by Dave Täht on Apr 21, 2012.
Updated by Dave Täht on Jul 12, 2012.
I have evolved to a system where I do a patch on the laptop, copy it up to huchra, review it, make sure it applies, then send it. This is still overly tedious but a heck of a lot better than what I was doing before.

I’d still prefer to do it all on the laptop

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