Bug #327

WNDR3700v1 support?

Added by Alexander Dupuy on Jan 15, 2012. Updated on Apr 21, 2012.
Rejected Normal Dave Täht


Sadly, I got one of the older ones, which supposedly have a better wireless antenna than the v2, but also less memory (only 8MiB flash instead of 16). I know it won’t all fit, but once you have the v2 release working and released, is there any chance you can drop some functionality (e.g. web server?) for a v1-compatible release? Apart from less memory, the v1 is pretty much identical.


Updated by Dave Täht on Jan 16, 2012.
Most of what was in cerowrt is now in openwrt, they have releases that will fit for you. The next generation of cerowrt will be linux 3.3 based, and I’m not planning on ever being able to fit into 8MB of flash. It’s impossible to fit everything, notably the debugging tools, into something that small.
Updated by Dave Täht on Jan 28, 2012.
At some point I may try again to fit cerowrt into 8MB flash. Right now, though, even the squashfs version is over 8MB in size. In the interim I will try to get better about pushing patches upstream than I have been, so that others can play with the new algos.
Updated by Dave Täht on Apr 21, 2012.

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