Bug #408

Problems after reconfiguring wireless using Luci (was Bug #404)

Added by Rich Brown on Sep 8, 2012. Updated on Sep 8, 2012.
New Normal Dave Täht


[On 20 Jul 2012, Jim Gettys submitted this report. It was initially numbered Bug #404. In an unsuccessful attempt to remove list spam, I deleted the original ticket, but have re-entered it here -reb]

If I reconfigure the router to use a different channel, and then tell the router to save and apply the new setting, the radio channel gets changed, but after the reconfiguration, I can’t get an IP address (until I reboot the router).

Sorta seems like something needs to be restarted that isn’t.

I had similar problems changing the ESSID from Luci; the change was applied in the file, but afterwards, I couldn’t get an IP address until I rebooted.

On 21 Jul 2012, Maciej Soltysiak responded…

Hi Jim. I had exactly the same with 3.3.8-10. Had to revert to
previous build. Restarting dhcp didn’t help. Bad fw rules perhaps?


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