Bug #89

bind9 grows too large by default

Added by Dave Täht on Apr 16, 2011. Updated on Jun 24, 2014.
Closed Normal Evan Hunt


It is possible to limit the size of bind to below 24MB. Less than 32MB would probably allow for decent caching.


Updated by Dave Täht on Apr 16, 2011.
Updated by Dave Täht on Jul 27, 2011.
Updated by Dave Täht on Jul 31, 2011.
I am under the impression there is a way to limit the jnl size to something sane, and save more memory with acache? Bind is currently staying sane and under 22MB of ram, which leaves room for strongswan (48%) of ram, and the rest of the core utils, without endangering swap.
Updated by Evan Hunt on Jul 31, 2011.
The max-journal-size option in named.conf limits the journal file size. When the journal gets above the specified size, it will dump the current zone data to the zonefile, create a new copy of the journal file with the oldest records omitted, and replace the old copy with the new one.

You could also have a daily cron job that runs “rndc freeze” and “rndc thaw”–that will cause the current version of the zone data to be dumped to the zone file, and the journal file to be deleted entirely. (This is problematic if you want to use IXFR, as the journal file is used to reconstruct older versions of the zone data.)

Updated by Dave Täht on Sep 4, 2011.
We now limit the journal size to 100k per zone.

As for a daily cron job, the syntax is changing with 9.9 and this can be safely deferred until the next release.

Updated by Jim Gettys on Sep 20, 2011.
Updated by Dave Täht on Apr 20, 2012.
cron job needed? syntax stable?
Updated by Dave Täht on Apr 21, 2012.
Updated by Dave Täht on Jun 24, 2014.

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