CeroWrt 3.3rc7-5 build available

Posted on Mar 17, 2012 by Rich Brown.

In this CeroWrt-devel message, Dave Täht announced that build 3.3-rc7-5 is available. This build contains the following features/capabilities:

  • Linux 3.3 kernel. Many of the fixes for bufferbloat are being implemented in this 3.3 kernel, so we are tracking these developments carefully. http://kernel.org
  • Active Queue Management fixes for bufferbloat including: Byte Queue Limits (BQL - already incorporated into the 3.3 kernel), Stochastic Fair Queueing-Random Early Drop (SFQRED), working ECN, and other queue disciplines http://bufferbloat.net
  • IPv6 support. Another major goal of CeroWrt is to make IPv6 networking in the home as simple as IPv4.
  • Babel mesh routing protocol (1.3.1-2 release).
  • DNSSEC and DNSSEC proxying - Secure extensions to the DNS system. Proxying is currently in testing.
  • OpenWrt features. Because we track the OpenWrt code base carefully, we incorporate most of the capabilities of that distribution. We actively push our changes/enhancements back toward the OpenWrt trunk. http://openwrt.org
  • An attractive web GUI for configuration - LuCI

Read the CeroWrt_33_Release_Notes|CeroWrt 3.3 Release Notes
Download CeroWrt 3.3 builds: http://huchra.bufferbloat.net/~cero1/3.3/

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