Videos about Bufferbloat, Codel and FQ_codel

Over the last couple years, there have been a number of video presentations created to describe bufferbloat and the solutions to it. This is a collection of links to these resources, in roughly date order…

Jim Gettys (of Alcatel) Bufferbloat: Dark Buffers in the Internet, April 26, 2011

Jim Gettys’ Google Tech Talk. This is a very detailed look into Jim’s discovery of the problem, as well as a full early description of the problem. YouTube

Fred Baker (of CISCO) explains bufferbloat at LACNIC, July 2012 (Español only video)

Obesity, it’s not just a human problem

Van Jacobson (of Google) introduces the codel solution and the packet fountain analogy at the IETF84 conference, July-August 2012

Van Jacobson speaking about TCP, Congestion, and CoDel cure. The quality of the video is sadly poor, and his slides (here ) not in sync, but follow along, if you can.

IETF demo side-by-side of a normal cable modem vs fq_codel

IETF: Demonstration of web page load reduction times

Jesper Dangaard Brouer (of RedHat) leverage’s Van Jacobson’s analogy

in his in depth look at codel - Have we found the cure for Bufferbloat?

Eric Dumazet (of Google) at the Linux Plumbers conference

He (author of fq_codel) takes a shot at explaining How fq_codel works

Stephen Hemminger’s (of Vyatta) Bufferbloat from a Plumbers Point of view, 25 March 2013

Stephen has put together an increasingly high energy talk and demonstrations about how various queue theories work - in friendly competition with Dave’s talks…

Toke Høiland-Jørgensen

Dave Täht’s “Water Videos”, November 2012

Dave Täht (Hindmost, gave a lecture at the University of Modena in late November 2012, where he managed to cover 30 years of network queueing theory in 80 minutes. Here are selected video segments from the lecture showing various queueing techniques. Full rate video (.mp4), an .mp3 of the audio, and the .odp presentation are available at or get a PDF version of the slides

Dave Täht’s “FQ_codel World Tour”, March-June 2013

Dave then went on a world tour to try and find ways of explaining the fq_codel solution to bufferbloat in depth, to a variety of audiences.

Dave Täht’s “Make-wifi-fast Tour”, Jul - ?? 2015

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