CeroWrt 1.0 rc8 (preliminary plan)

INCOMPATABLE CHANGE TO as the main gw interface
Move to qdiscs throughout
Conversion to using a wireless-n specific wireless interface
TOS setting as per bug #249 (Comprehensive QoS settings?)
Switch to vlans throughout?
HT40+ mode on 5ghz, channel 36
Web10g support decision - keep or kill?
Tcp_low_latency explored vs tcp non-low latency
Syn/Synack queue optimization?
vlan priority harmonized with 802.11e priority?
Independently buildable (perl)
ECN iptables changes
Elemental diffserv support
more support for the cosmic background bufferbloat detector

Fixes for bugs #240, #252, #242, #233, #239, #98, #113, #262 -

And see also roadmap for bugs in the queue

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