Cerowrt 33 Build

THIS IS A DRAFT on a rapidly changing procedure

what is feeds.conf?

Openwrt uses multiple package databases, which gives you flexibility as to what software you use, where.
Feeds.conf is a pointer to each package database wherever it might live. In my case I tend to use
a staging area for each package database, rather than pulling directly from the main repositories.
This lets me do multiple different builds for different hardware without having to ‘push up’
potentially incorrect packages to the mainline.

What did you do when you edited it?

I changed the paths to point to your home dir rather than mine

what do ‘feeds update’ and ‘feeds install’ do exactly?

./script/feeds update calls the appropriate update utility for each package repository, to get the freshest bits.
for example, it calls ‘git pull’ for git repos, and ‘svn up’ for svn repos.

./script/feeds install package package package

installs symbolic links to the build system for each package

feeds install -p feedname package

at least in theory installs a package that is a duplicate of some other package in some other repo.
It’s usable for when you have a more advanced package in a different repo and want to use that instead.

what is “env new each”?

This created your own branch of the filesystem to play in. For example, you
might want to change the default download dir for packages in your own build
by editing env/files/etc/opkg.conf

what is stuff.tgz?

This was a temporary tarball of the current cerowrt filesystem. In the future
it and it’s tags and branches will be public.

when you did the git add; git commit -m ‘each tree’, what was that about?

what is ‘dl’?

The dl directory is where tarballs of sourcecode lives. Openwrt does not carry copies of all the source it builds. It relies on external repositories to keep the 2+ gbyte of that. In order to speed up builds, I tend to symlink this directory to ONE directory elsewhere, so that I can maintain multiple versions of the cerowrt builds
and only one copy of this huge directory.

what did you do in .config?

Checked for correctness. I think I also added a few packages that are not in the main packages.list.

what’s make menuconfig?

Menuconfig lets you via a menu interface add packages to build, remove packages, and configure various options.
It is a very good idea when making manual changes to .config to run make menuconfig to make sure all the
dependencies are pulled in correctly. It also does essential syntax checking.

if you just want something scriptable, make (can’t remember) - will rebuild the dependencies for you without
invoking any menus.

why did you run make menuconfig multiple times?

It’s a good idea to clean up and compare the .config file vs the supplied one until it is correct.

what you were editing in linux/ar71xx?

In this case, I am building against 3.3, not 3.2.5, so I changed the makefile to point at the current release candidate for Linux 3.3 - 3.3-rc3

Basic steps to build cerowrt-3.3

mkdir src
cd src
git clone git://nbd.name/openwrt.git # the main openwrt repository
git clone git://nbd.name/packages.git # the main additional packages database 
git clone git@github.com:dtaht/ceropackages.git # cerowrt's added packages
git clone git@github.com:dtaht/cerowrt-luci.git luci # cerowrt's web gui interface
git clone git://github.com/bismark-devel/bismark-packages.git # bismark's monitoring tools 
git clone git://github.com/yiannisy/openflow-openwrt-bismark.git # openflow tools
git clone openwrt cerowrt-3.3
mkdir patches
cd patches
cp /tmp/evanpatch/* .
cd ..
cd cerowrt-3.3/
mkdir dl
cp /tmp/feeds.conf .
vi feeds.conf
cd ..
cd cerowrt-3.3/

./scripts/env new each  # create a new filesystem 
cd env
tar xvzf /tmp/stuff.tgz # presently the cerowrt filesystem is NOT in public git
git add *
# in the future the above two steps would be
# git remote add wherever git://wherever
# git pull remote wherever release-tag
git commit -a -m 'each tree'
cd ..
chmod a+rwx dl
cd dl
./scripts/feeds update
cp env/config-wndr3700v2 .config # do this to keep openwrt's build unconfused
git am ../patches/*
vi target/linux/ar71xx/Makefile # Add current kernel version (3.3-rc3 in this case)
./scripts/feeds install -p cero `cat env/override.list`
./scripts/feeds install `cat env/packages.list`
cp env/config-wndr3700v2 .config
make menuconfig
diff .config env/config-wndr3700v2
vi .config # enable missing packages
./scripts feeds install whatever is missing
wash, rinse, repeat
make -j 8 
make V=99
fix errors
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