Debugging CeroWrt

If you wish to help us debug CeroWrt, we recommend that you use the script to collect configuration and diagnostic information from the router. This script is part of the CeroWrtScripts bundle.

The easiest way to use the script is to clone the bundle onto the router ahead of time, so you can run the script when trouble arises. The CeroWrtScripts page describes how to clone those files into your router. When it’s there, you can enter these commands:

$ ssh root@gw.home.lan        # or whatever you need to do to ssh to CeroWrt
# cd /usr/lib/CeroWrtScripts  # this is the recommended directory for the scripts
# sh
Done... Stats written to /tmp/cerostats_output.txt (

The script writes its output to /tmp/cerostats_output.txt which you can copy/paste into your trouble report.

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