Last day

  • First step
    • Test Woodrow build (email pointing to it) on the routers that failed to have a wireless radio on the last build
    • Assuming that the build works (and the radios work) - log in to router, restart firewall and LOG errors in a bug report.
    • Plug router in a real WAN port and see if it works
  • Second step
    • Test two wireless connections (2Ghz and 5Ghz)
    • Enable both connections for crypto (WPA2)
    • Laptop on 2Ghz can ping laptop on 5Ghz
  • Third step
    • Test DNS
    • Make sure time is correct
    • Does the webpage come up?
  • Why did internal routing break?
    • Burn 2 more routers and see if they break
  • Resurrect LAB
    • Burn 3 routers with the working code
    • Scribble down the MAC addresses on the routers
    • PDU - needs to have a map on the web-in: login:admin pass:1234
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