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The present release of CeroWrt is dedicated to the memory of Dion L. Johnson III, the “Czar of Free Stuff”, who introduced me to the concept of a “Skunkworks” with Skunkware and ended up helping me get my first job in the Unix industry. The skunkware team kept the company relevant, and nobody cared, except for Ezekiel Kludge . I am grateful for everything Dion taught me, that I’ve passed down, in building the bufferbloat effort and the CeroWrt team.

I only wish we had a hot tub still, to hang out in.

CeroWrt 3.7.5 and prior were dedicated to the memories of:

John H Dubois , who spread email and netnews through Santa Cruz, Ca, and The Armory geekhouse , spent many lonely years building an entire OS all by himself, and to his Liquid nitrogen ice cream that he brought to Burning man every year.

Richard Pitt , who helped bring the Internet to western Canada , wrote the Digital Rag and put webcams in eagles nests .


Ronald Täht , who taught me more than he ever understood.

– Dave Täht

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