Using the testlab

Cluster control

Experiment - thrash the network hard

Here’s a simple way to get all the routers sending lots of data at the same time.

On io, run

iperf -s

On io, run

pdsh -lroot -grouters 'iperf -t 60 -c'

Boom, all the routers will start running iperf simultaneously. You can, after setting your routing,
set up various tests of QoS, or different TCP/ip stacks, or changing your window size,
slam the whole system while doing other things, and capture the results with tshark or wireshark.

For example this will test a larger cwin:

pdsh -lroot -grouters 'iperf -w 1M -t 60 -c'

which was the subject of Experiment - QoS, which has many more examples


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