The outline of topics we’d like to address more fully is below:

Demonstration recipes for demonstrating/testing for bufferbloat

  • Servers
  • Home routers
  • Wifi routers
  • Wifi clients
  • Ethernet
  • Broadband gear
  • Core internet
  • 3G wireless


  • Set end-node transmit buffers to something sane
  • Set QOS knobs on routers to keep broadband gear’s buffer from filling.

Full Solutions

  • Fixes for routers involve AQM of some sort - Van’s modified RED (or similar) is really necessary in wireless situations, as classic RED isn’t easily dynamic, though one could kludge it, of course
  • Proper solutions for end-nodes involve some intelligence in buffering; at a minimum control of transmit buffers and device rings.

Testing tools

Needed tools

  • a “push here to make your network become loaded” test, to drive this home to people
  • a tool like pingplotter for Linux and Mac (at least), to help identify bloated links. This might be an elaboration of mtr: that works properly.
  • For super, duper extra bonus points, a tool that uses the techniques of reverse traceroute to identify problems on the reverse path, since many/most paths in the Internet are asymmetric





Historical data/papers of interest

Test equipment

Dave Taht’s to-do list:

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