July 2014 - CeroWrt Triumphs over Bufferbloat!

Bufferbloat is the undesirable latency that comes from a router or other network equipment buffering too much data.

The CeroWrt project was created to resolve the endemic problems of bufferbloat in home networking today, and to push forward the state of the art of edge networks and routers. Projects include proper IPv6 support, tighter integration with DNSSEC, and most importantly, reducing bufferbloat in both the wired and wireless components of the stack.

The primary goal of CeroWrt has been accomplished. The fq_codel algorithm was developed and tested by the CeroWrt team. It has been proven through both simulation and three years of actual implementation. fq_codel has been incorporated into the Linux kernel, home router firmware, and is beginning to be deployed in commercial equipment. See the CeroWrt Triumphs over Bufferbloat! item in "News"

The CeroWrt 3.10 series of builds include the following features and capabilities:

  • Linux 3.10 kernel. Many of the fixes for bufferbloat are being implemented in this 3.10 kernel, so we are tracking these developments carefully. http://kernel.org
  • Active Queue Management fixes for bufferbloat including: the Codel algorithm - Kathie Nichols' and Van Jacobson's newest AQM algorithm; Eric Duzamet's FQ_Codel, which enhances codel significantly; working ECN; Cisco PIE algorithm, Stochastic Fair Queueing-Random Early Drop (SFQRED); and other queue disciplines, including a version of codel from the current ns2 model and a fq_codel (nfq_codel, efq_codel) based on that.
  • IPv6 support. Another major goal of CeroWrt is to make IPv6 networking in the home as simple as IPv4.
  • Babel mesh routing protocol (source specific routing release).
  • DNSSEC and DNSSEC proxying - Secure extensions to the DNS system. Proxying is currently in testing.
  • Built on OpenWrt. Because we track the OpenWrt code base carefully, we incorporate most of the capabilities of that distribution. We actively push our changes/enhancements back toward the OpenWrt trunk. http://openwrt.org
  • An attractive web GUI for configuration - LuCI
    This is a stable build that can be used as a production router, and as a platform for further research into algorithms for solving state of the art problems in networking.

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